Sunday, May 4, 2008


Bench Press 1x5 135
5x5 165

DB bench press 5x5 65(2)

Back Squat 1x5 135
5x5 245

Ab work 8lb. ball twists
Ab machine 5x5 140lb

Seated calf raises 5x5 115

About the gripper: It was 20 reps over an hour. I havent used it for a week or 2 because of my new barbell. I am careful not to overtrain my grip. I havent done much wrist work though...

About my routine: I haven't been keeping to a strict routine. I am trying to do either 5x5 or 10x3 though. Do you guys thing this is fine? I am trying to gain some mass and strength. I try to keep 5x5 for compound movements and 10x3 for most other things.

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